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Compare Natural Gas Suppliers in Ohio with a Supplier Comparison Chart

The PUCO produces the Apples to Apples charts to provide consumers with a snapshot comparison of current natural gas supplier price options and contract terms for individual customers.

The PUCO updates the charts on a weekly basis and verifies each natural gas supplier serving Ohio and their offers to ensure accuracy. You may also want to check with your local government to see if your community has grouped together citizens into a Community Aggregation program to purchase natural gas in Ohio.

As with all contracts, consumers should carefully read and understand all terms and conditions before signing any forms or agreeing to enroll with a supplier for natural gas service. For a description of Apples to Apples chart-related terms, please refer to chart definitions.

Most Residential customers can even choose to have a supplier assigned to them through the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) commodity service. The SCO price changes monthly as approved by the PUCO. For the current SCO rate, click here.

Click here for the PUCO Apples to Apples Chart

Compare suppliers on the OCC’s comparing your energy choices chart