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How Do I Sign Up for Energy Choice?

It’s easy! Enrolling in Energy Choice can be summarized in a few simple steps.

3 Steps Away From Taking Charge of What You Pay for Natural Gas

  1. Learn

    Before you make any potential changes to your current choice, you should learn about your current rate plan by reviewing your bill and any existing Energy Choice agreement you may already have. Residential customers can review their current choice with bill examples here. Non-Residential customers can review their current choice with bill examples here.
  2. Compare

    Determine which options are available to you: Are you a residential customer or a nonresidential customer? How much usage do you have per year? Would you prefer to shop around for the price that suits you best? Is there an aggregation program in your area? If you are a residential customer with usage less than 3000 MCF/year, have you considered the Standard Choice Offer? If you decide to shop around, please visit our Compare Supplier Options page.
  3. Choose

    When you have identified your current rate plan, investigated any potential fees for changing, and have made an informed decision on the option that is best for you, you will need to communicate your choice to the appropriate party, whether that be a certified natural gas supplier or Dominion Energy Ohio.

All eligible Dominion Energy Ohio customers can select an Energy Choice natural gas supplier at any time. Sign up directly with the supplier. The supplier you choose will electronically submit the change to Dominion Energy Ohio so we can update your account. Choosing a supplier will not affect your participation in other Dominion Energy Ohio programs such as Budget, Bank Draft, or eBill.