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Once you have compared available Energy Choice supplier offers, checked your eligibility for an Aggregation program, and weighed the SCO (residential only) and MVR options, your research is done.

If you are satisfied with your current rate option, no further action is needed. However, if you are interested in making a change you will need to communicate your choice to either Dominion Energy Ohio (to select the SCO rate) or the supplier (to enroll in an Energy Choice Agreement for the selected rate offer).

The MVR rate is a default option for customers whose Energy Choice Agreement or opt-in aggregation program expires (or for large volumes and nonresidential customers, when an opt-out aggregation program expires) and a new supplier has not been chosen. 

Before Signing Up: Questions to Ask Suppliers

  • Are you a PUCO-certified supplier?
  • What is the price per thousand cubic feet (MCF)?
  • Is the price fixed or does it change?
  • If it changes, how does it change?
  • Does the price depend on how much gas I use?
  • What is the term of the contract?
  • Will there be a switching fee?
  • Is there a fee if I cancel the contract early?
  • Is there a customer incentive for signing up?
  • Are there any special add-on services?
  • How long will the rate remain in effect?
  • What happens when my contract expires?
  • Will my contract automatically renew and, if so, will I receive notification?
  • If the price changes with renewal, will I receive notification?
  • Will I receive one or two bills a month?
  • Who provides the billing?
  • Is there a budget plan?
  • Are current budget plan customers eligible?
  • Are there any built-in price increases or decreases?

Contact a Supplier

If you are interested in a new Energy Choice Agreement or Aggregation program you will need to contact the supplier or aggregator to enroll. Be sure you understand the details of the agreement before enrolling. If you are on the MVR service and are satisfied with your price, no further action is necessary.

Supplier contact information can be found on the PUCO’s Apples-to-Apples comparison chart, or on a combined List of Eligible Suppliers.

Contact NOPEC

Many communities in Northeast Ohio have formed an aggregation called the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC). NOPEC is the largest such aggregation in the United States.

To enroll with NOPEC, call NOPEC Customer Service at 855-667-3201.

To see if an aggregation program is available in your area, please visit the PUCO’s natural gas aggregation map.

Contact Dominion Energy Ohio

If you are an eligible residential customer that wishes to enroll in the Standard Choice Offer (SCO), contact Dominion Energy Ohio at 800-362-7557.

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