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What is the Energy Choice Program?


Energy Choice allows you to comparison shop for natural gas just like you do for other goods and services.

With Energy Choice, customers from large manufacturers to residential homeowners are able to shop for natural gas supply options from a diverse group of competitive retail suppliers certified by the PUCO.

Although you buy your gas from a retail supplier under this program, Dominion Energy Ohio will continue to:

  • Deliver your natural gas
  • Respond to service and emergency needs
  • Read your meter
  • Provide customer service and billing

Who Can Participate in Energy Choice?

Participants must be Dominion Energy Ohio customers who have no past due balances or are current on a payment plan in order to participate in the Energy Choice program. Customers with past due balances who have not broken more than one payment plan in the past 12 months can join Energy Choice and be placed on a new payment plan. Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP) customers are ineligible to participate in the Energy Choice program.

What are my options for buying natural gas?

You have several options: 

  • Select a certified natural gas supplier and set up an Energy Choice Agreement
  • Join an Aggregation, or "group-buying" program if one is available to you
  • Purchase gas under the Standard Choice Offer (residential customers only*)
  • Choose to be assigned to purchase gas from a supplier at their Monthly Variable Rate (if applicable)

For more information, please see our Residential Energy Choice Options or Non-residential Energy Choice Options pages.

How do I choose the right gas supply option for me?

It’s easy! For more information on how to review your options and sign up, please visit our How to Sign Up page.

* To be eligible for Standard Choice Offer you must be a residential customer with usage less than 3000 MCF/year.



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